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oi oi sailor of the cyber-sea
prithee harken unto me, piccadilly
treasure over yonder there be, but no key

solve this ere riddledeedee & i’ll show thee, savvy?

Is þes middangeard missenlicum
wisum gewlitegad, wrættum gefrætwad

Middle-earth is made lovely in unmatched
ways rich and rare

Deor domes georn, hio dumb wunað;
hwæþre hyre is on fote faegre hleoþor winlicu woðgiefu. Wrætlic me þinceð,
hu seo wiht mæge wordum lacan
þurh fot neoþan

A gift of sound; how her long dangling
legs chant is a wonderful riddle

Frætwed hyrstum,
hafað hyre on halse, þonne hio hord warað,
baru, beagum deall, broþor sine–,
mæg mid mægne

Jeweled, naked, proud of shanks–
She sings like a mighty sister,
guardian of the deep, bearing bass brother
droned upon her neck

Micel is to hycgenne
wisum woðboran, hwæt sio wiht sie…

Let the scoundrel,
cyber-bandit, name this creature…