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make this page like a soulless eunuch from apple or schmoogle made it or some hamfisted san fran tech start up but none of that untalented peabrain graphic design with line art purple androgynous blob people tho keep it real & kooky

not happy enough. less occidental, more hijab.
not happy enough. less occidental, more hijab.

About Us

*stock photo - extremely happy african lady*

here at ATOMIC YOUTH DOT ORG we are a modern & progressive virtual band that aims to redefine & phosfluorescently synergize ethical leadership skills with cross-platform soup dispensers.

Our Mission

*stock photo - child joyously points out of vehicle window*

our mission is to open new vortals to proactively transition into an innovative new aeon of sodomy, to holistically streamline accurate disinformation & assertively implement seamless meta-services for the empowerment of open-source women. we speak for the many when we say that humanity must reinvent click-and-mortar equity invested networks & leverage ubiquitous chomos in the cloud.

these are too pasty, Guadalupe. do better.
these are too pasty, Guadalupe. do better.

Our Team

*stock photo - diverse group of snobs happily toasting wine glasses*

our workforce of chemically castrated serfs & in-office biological clichés are professionally lobotomised & quardaspazzed to industry standard. they are all, to the man, passable thespians & hovels hardly fit to house the human spirit. our team works tirelessly to reconceptualize reality with goal-oriented strategic e-commerce that’s globally scalable, to actualize human capital; for the good of the mammon machine.

Our Vision

*stock photo - paraplegic insta baddie in space suit writing equation & holding vial containing cure to cancer*

we need YOUR help to competently syndicate quality virtualization & transform cross-media applications to fungibly monetize dynamic & web-ready initiatives to limit working class birth-rates. together, we are moving toward a brave new future where we will authoritatively cloudify the “community” & monotonectally drive efficient bandwidth vectors to engineer chaos & manufacture mental illness!

couldn't find the astronaut pic sory pls don't fire me
couldn’t find the astronaut pic sory pls don’t fire me