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Yo yo dudes & bunnies

it’s ur boy, Mungo Vibez here, bringing good news of the love and light programme of the nu-apocalypse!
life can be a mondo bogus bummer… 🏄‍♂️ u wanna shoot the curl on epic nugs but u can’t shubie, it’s too cold! 🥶️ ur locked down 🔒 prion party wave 💉🦠️ beach is blown out, swells are glossy 🌊 no hodads but ur still getting a sand facial like some heinous gremlin poser, ya know?
well not for long… 🌻 get AMP’d with Atomic Youth’s Totally Tubular Atomic Treasure Trove! 🎁
it’ll get ur heart beeping like a gnarlacious turtle roll! our radical trinkets will make u feel like ur dropping in on the wedge and pruning out at praa! 🏄‍♀️ you won’t look like a paddlepuss with our tres gnarly gear!

this month’s theme is “UNHAPPY☹️DISGUSTING🤮WOW😮” featuring sick brands like THE BABY KILLERZ™ 👩🔪👶 MRS SPAZ CHRIST 🧘‍♀️🤡🌈 & AMERICA’S TRANSVESTITE GANGSTA DAWGZ 👮‍♀️🔫💃
so don’t wipe out… sign up!✔ point ur nose to atomicyouth dot org and use promo codeLOBOTOMY” for 3% off ur subscurshupshurpihshsion totally bodacious 🤪 radder than nailing a 360 air reverse rodeo, cooler than a tight onshore breeze at penzance, more authentic than a creepy illiterate scribbler searching for surfing terms on yahoo answers at 8pm when really he should be spending quality time with his children as their youthful lives fly by without their father precious moments ticking away until one day they’re adults and you’re standing at their wedding thinking “i missed so much, i missed so very much, and for what?” a joke advert parodying a long daisychain of mongos from corpo-california london orbital clownworld who cares
ANYWAY ride that party wave doodz and subscribe to our monthly ripoff box of useless crap 2day, bonzaiiii 🤟

✨🦑sixpence (thrice monthly)

what is actually valuable? what is actually "good"?
silver tongues selling salt to slugs